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2014-09-26 11:20:43 (UTC)

The fade?

I’m waiting again. Ceaselessly checking my email for something anything. No word since yesterday afternoon. Not long, it’s but aside from the point. More worryingly is that no plans have been initiated since last wkd – no plans for this week I mean. Despite me asking ‘qu’est ce que tu fais ce soir?’ on Wednesday. Fair enough he was moving back to bxtn but then no alternative suggestion? Not even a ‘what are you doing this wkd?’ feels like the other wkd when it ws one-sided. Can’t remember what I did then to bring it back – think I just ignored him completely. ‘punished’ him for laying low. Looks like it’s a once a week arrangement now. Let’s see. I’m not free this weekend at all (maybe Saturday night) but not likely. But even then. If he gets in touch over the wkd, I’m not asking anything .

I’m had by the balls. If he knew how my heart swells with hope at the sight of a new email in my inbox, potentially from him.

Is it the fade? Think it might be.