No one I know knows this exists
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2014-09-25 09:00:29 (UTC)


So, was walking around... playing the greatest game ever invented! I took a photo of a local skate bowl to submit as a portal not caring that a bunch of kids were playing around on it... they were too far away from my phone to recognize anyway. I didn't realize the flash went off until I heard one of them pipe up with hey!, that guy just took a photo of us! I ignored them and continued to fill out the rest of the form to submit the portal. Next thing I know, they've bunched up over on the other side of the car park and one of them asks hey mister... can I see that photo you just took of us? I say yeah I spose, it's going to turn into a portal in the best ever game to exist ever. I doubt your visible in a mobile phone camera from that distance anyway. Then they all relaxed and were saying he's just playing a game. I guess they'll look it up when they get home. Good luck to them I figure. Probably doesn't appeal to kids that live that far out of town though.

Forgot about this diary for a while... have some other random stores to share including 'acting suspiciously'...

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