2014-09-22 23:14:13 (UTC)


11:14 PM

I'm just going to say this before I get too scared; something that makes me feel better is masturbating. Wow, fuck, that's weird to say. That's like one of those things that I keep to myself. I do it, though, and I have for awhile and it's nice. Bam. Success in sharing. Yes, I'm only sharing with myself and a handful of internet people who happen to click on my diary but still. Yeah, I wish talking about sex and stuff wasn't so fucking weird in this world but it is. To be honest, I understand because sex IS weird. Like, humans are gross. They're also really hot. I don't know, it's a contradiction and I can understand why it's a not a popular subject. That's all I'm trying to say, yo.

Shit, I'm going to regret this tomorrow. Oh well! The point is that I shouldn't.

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