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2014-09-22 07:09:57 (UTC)


"Dramamine" by Modest Mouse

September 22, 2014 Monday 7:08 AM

I am very sleepy. Yesterday, I went to New York City with my parents for that People's Climate March thing. The cause is great but we were standing in one place surrounded by people for over an hour. Maybe two. And then it took another couple hours to reach the START LINE. THAT WHOLE TIME AND WE HADN'T EVEN TECHNICALLY STARTED THE MARCH.
My feet hurt.

I slept on the bus home which takes a few hours, and then when I got home, I watched a couple of That 70's Show episodes and went to sleep. I am still tired.

My brain is telling me that I've been abandoned or something. That doesn't make sense, brain. I have people and I have some friends.

(So why are you lonely?)

Let's not talk about that now, okay? I'm too exhausted.

(But last night, you figured it out.)

Apparently, I forgot my epiphany. That sucks. I don't care.

(You'll care later when it starts killing you.)

Yeah, but, isn't something always killing me? So what's the difference? My bed is probably still warm.

School feels like quite the chore. I feel gross and I just want to lie down and sleep forever.

Or I'd at least like to feel rested when I wake up in the morning.

Okay, well, apparently everything I had to say is still sleeping because I've been staring at this screen, trying to remember what to type. Good morning, I guess.

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