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2014-09-22 04:03:10 (UTC)

Pack Of Six.

Years ago in the early year of 2011 their was inseparable pack, a group of Six. Those youngsters conquered the halls of Jefferson Elementary School. Sometimes we swung on the swing sets, while other days we sat out in the fields. Each day had one similarity where we chattered endlessly about all sorts of things. From our microscopic life, to the latest gossip.

At the time, Abby Gonzalez was the one who struggled with her self-esteem. She underwent self-harm and showed early signs of depression.
On the other hand Alexandra Loo had a joyous bubbly personality, bringing happiness. Emily Cruz was the soft-hearted one of the group who taught us about compassion. Every time their was a fight, she had taught us how to forgive. Laura Lagarda was the loud one. She brought adventure into the group. She threw pool parties and invited us often into her home. At the time my best friend was Danny Navarro. Her wonderful sense of humor brought life into our clique.

Time flew swiftly, and before we knew it our 6th grade Disney Land field trip had arrived. That was a joyous day for our pack. We found comfort within our pack. Our bound grew strong and we wished to stay friends after High School.

By the beginning of seventh grade Emily had moved to Indio. Of course we had contact of her. As time passed the amount of messages began to die out. Slowly she became a distant memory fading out of our lives. Then 8th grade swept us off our feet, and my Best friend Danny Segura moved away to El Centro. We grew distant and soon my best friend became a stranger. The great fall of our pack when High School began. Abby and I had lost our friendship. Their was a lot of pointless drama and I told her that it was best to end our friendship; to go our own separate paths.

The pack was completely torn apart. Each one of us are living our own lives now and I hope with the depths of my heart that we find happiness. Even though we are no longer a pack, I will always recall our happier times. We know little of each others lives, yet the occasional hello still happens.

In loving memory of the pack of six: Danny Segura, Abby Gonzalez, Alexandra Loo, Laura Lagarda, Emily Cruz, and Anne Flores.

~Yours truly,