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2014-09-20 19:00:51 (UTC)


Wednesday the 17th was my brother's birthday and he is no longer here. He passed away April 17th 2013. So he has been gone a little over a year. I had made a memorial stone for him to put in the ground where he passed. I had been procrastinating on taking and placing it, so on the 17th I decided that it needed to be done. I asked my boyfriend to go with me being that this was a very emotional day and it was going to be hard for me to do this alone. He agreed and he came with, and helped me dig the dirt up so I could place the stone in. After all is said and done we went back to the car and I was crying and upset and I was angry (due to not being able to help my brother that April day). While I was putting the things in the trunk my boyfriend asked me if I had a napkin. I responded by saying "what?" and he asked me again "do you have a napkin?" and I snapped at him. I really snapped at him. he then turned to me and said "yo, who you talking to like that?" I then apologized and he said to leave him alone and get in the car. he drove back to his house and told me that he was upset with me for the way I spoke to him and I tried to explain that it was because of all the emotions that were going on with me and he said that was no reason to talk to him like that. he did not speak to me the rest of the day and all day Thursday and most of Friday until 10pm. I apologized a hundred times. I stopped by to see him this morning and we talked and I asked him what he wanted? I asked him if he wanted to end the relationship or if he wanted to stay in it. he told me that he had to think about it and that he would let me know. I told him, it's not hard, it is either he wants to be with me or he doesn't. he said he had to think about it and would let me know. he just told me that he wanted to be with me but I really needed to watch the way that I talk to him. now mind you I do not talk nasty to him it was just that day because of my emotions. I thought that he would have understood, and I think he may have been a little over the top with it but I don't know.
any advice out there, or opinions?????