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2014-09-17 07:49:16 (UTC)

Very Low

I am at my lowest and lack motivation.
My financial situation is even more dire. I am desperate. Don’t even know where to turn. It shows you how lonely this world can be. I am on my own and face this crises on my own. If I ever come out of this I will remember this period. Things are really bad for me financially. I can’t pay all my bills, owe my friends, I owe on the mortgage the list goes on and on….I don’t know how to stop this…….

As if things are not bad enough we also have a nanny crises at home. To make it worse we are not a couple. Ideally you would want daddy and mummy to resolve their deferences for the sake of the children but this is where we are. If I didn't send her a proposal we would be going to court next week to fight and throw mud at each other when we have 3 children at home that need looking after. I feel so ashamed.

Inevitably we have to go to court in October to resolve financial matters. The way I am feeling all day today I may just grant her wishes concerning the house. The decision I make will stay with me for the rest of my life. So it has to be the correct decision. I am going to take time to meditate and pray about it.

Sometimes I just want to throw the towel and make everything end so I can rest and have peace.