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me and my life
2014-09-16 07:27:52 (UTC)

my love n life

My relation with sujit is going very good we are just immersed into each other whenever we get time we call each other n behav all lovey dovey :* wen we meet we kiss we hug each other a lot i like to cuddle with him , he cares me, pampers me, i love me a lot so does he... i can see in his eyes n from his face how much he loves me. holding his hand make me go hmmmm... he hugs me n kiss on my forehead n dat gives me immense pleasure i feel safe & protected. we are so much in love. he caress me on my back n the feeling is so serene so beautiful nothing nasty nothing slutty but i feel love. i just feel to be all over him but have to be lil careful in dis cases. we both have a wish to be in each other arms n fall asleep ahhhh wat feeling i get just but thinking that will take time but we will for sure. he is going kolkatta to earn money n buy new house for us :) it feels so good dat someone is taking an effort to make future with me. love u baby.

worried abt sis she is still struggling mso so sad foe her. god plz make up her life soon bless her with lots of love n luck.

job sucks all time. so pissed looking for new lets see wer life takes me. :)