Confessions of a married woman
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2014-09-15 15:16:06 (UTC)

How do you cut a FWB relationship?

ahhh... This is a serious question. I enjoy J very much and when he is not in sex mode he is pretty awesome too, however with me it 90% sex mode and 10% other mode. I am well aware that we are just friends with benefits, but still. So on Friday he worked here in LA, mind you he really didn't text me. I, of course, offered my place for him to stay if he was going to be in town really late and he didn't wanna drive home. He texed me like at 11:45 that he was in Venice and he was getting ready to leave and asked me if I still wanted him to come over. I responded, only if you don't wanna drive home. So his perv self texted me "you want ot be dirty" and i texted him back like half an hour later "me? never. I didn't hear back from him, so I assumed he went home like at 1 am he was texting me like four texts to see if i was up.. all the way through 1:45 am. I was knocked the fuck out so I didn't get them. At 2, my phone woke me up ringing, it was him and asked if he could come over. I guess he needed a place to stay. Half a sleep I said yes, and that I'd leave the key in my mailbox, so he could let himself in. Not sure what time he got there, I remember him getting there, just didn't check the time. I kept sleeping... and he went to sleep too. We must of done it a few times, which was nice... and in the morning we went at it some more. We were in bed until 12 pm. Finally he got up rearranged his clothing, got dressed and he took off. I was relieved because I needed to go shopping for something to wear to the bridal shower and I hadn't even begun to clean or shower or anything. Anyway, I checked his gf page and he had met her up for lunch in his town. He was wearing the same clothing, which I thought was scandelous of him, really? He didn't even take a shower, he had me all over! Wow men are so fucking ruthless and inconsiderate! He wants to hang this week, I said fine, but not on Tuesday unless it is after 11 pm, because I already have plans. So not sure when I'll see him again. G has been bugging to come over, but I don't wanna lead him on and think it is ok. We were sex buddies for a long time at the begining of my break up with my husband, he is great at sex and he always makes sure I'm taken care of, unlike J. He loves to eat P and he does it so well. Recently I told him i was celibate, just because I don't want to be in a relationship like that with him anymore, so he said that was fine, that he could just eat me out... so fuck it... I allowed him to.. it was amazing, he wants to do it again, but I always refuse, although I'm getting to the point where I think I might have to! I hate that our bodies need so much attention. So how would I break it off with J if i wanted to in the future? I would feel so bad even though I know he doesn't! I feel like he has a lot of friends, but none that he trust to stay with when he is in town or maybe he just dried up his resources? I have no idea. Maybe he think he is doing me a favor and that is how he gets a place to stay. He doesn't have to fuck me... he can just stay there, but I also feel he likes me. I mean what fuck buddies do you know that sit on the couch watch tv, snuggle with each other. He will lay on my lap so that I can be touching his face, neck, shoulders, etc.... and in bed... he will totally cuddle with me. We are like wrapped up with each other.. his arm is always under my neck... i can't believe he can sleep like that.. doesn't it hurt? But yea that is how we hang and how we sleep. It is so weird... but hey... it is nice.