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2014-09-15 01:26:54 (UTC)


Given my shortcomings and failures God has no business loving me the way he does. The big question is why? Why does he love me so much. I suspect it is because he sees my heart. He knows what I am all about.
Having said that quite clearly he hasn't yet untrusted me with the responsibility my talent deserves. I think it is because he believes I am not ready. I need to be ready to be determined, to be disciplined and to be g=hard working. Above all bold!

I am going to spend sometime with him because the next few months to a year will be very crucial in my life. I know my life is going to change dramatically. The 2 fundamental pillars in my life for the past 15 years or so has been my relationship with my (ex) wife and my full time job/career.

My marriage is effectively over and if all goes according to plan I will resign from full time employment (within the next 6 months) and venture in to the world of business. I will ne frank, I am scared.....