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2014-09-15 01:23:39 (UTC)

Life is a journey

Life is a journey.

You take some hits along the way.

Some are big hits.

Losing close friends is a big hit

Divorce is a big hit

It takes something from you…..

The tears from these hits are hot…..

You plough along (you have to)….

Its like a boxing match….coming out for the 4th round and bouncing with a lot of energy but it is still not the same as when you started the first round. Those blows you received in the first 3 rounds…some of them missed, some you took well, some hurt, some are still hurting….but you need to be professional and keep to your game plan and fight…box…throw punches…move….shuffle…float and sting….otherwise you would be knocked out and it will be all over!