Love, Me

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2014-09-15 00:21:54 (UTC)

To my online fam,

Smoke curls from your lips in a tail of white
Every lonely day is a poisoned bite
But nobody will know
They will see the smile on your lips
Don't let them notice the cuts on your hips
Staying high to avoid feeling anything
Being afraid to get the hurt that feelings bring
The rain makes the sound of a machine gun
Wanting to throw away your life and just be done
As you try to drown out the hurt with nirvana and fall out boy
Never to give your heart, scared for it to just be someone's toy
But, darling, you must stop feeling like a burden if you share what your feeling
It the only way to start heeling
Say your worries even if your afraid
Their is always someone that will come to your aid
Like a brave knight diving into a war
That's what online friends are for. <3