A lady in the crowd
2014-09-14 06:11:46 (UTC)

Child Melostation.

My cousin Dulce was raped when she was only a child. Her thoughts on this are, "I wouldn't even wish rape to my worst enemy. It ruin's your existence. Sometimes I think I outran those memories, truly believing I buried the hatchet. That is until they strike again. I wish my cousin would've murdered me instead. This hatred is consuming, as much as I try to erase this scar it'll never go away."

A rapist's mentality is fucked up to the extremes. He was thirteen while Dulce was only seven. His hands touched Dulce in a way that changed her entire life forever. Not only that bu he forced her to have sex with him. Today Dulce, wants revenge towards her molester. The nightmares are becoming more vivid, while the hatred toward humanity increases. Should she wish for her own death after being raped?

~Yours truly,