All Tangled Up
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2014-09-13 17:12:52 (UTC)

That's the way it goes, I guess.

Already Home - A Great Big World
Passenger - Let Her Go
Say Something - A Great Big World (ft. Christina Algulera
Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson

Dear Sophia:

Sometimes I don't have the patience to listen to my daughter complain about her life and her boyfriend when I am talking to her on the phone. I have even started to avoid her calls when I see that she has posted something negative on FaceBook.

There are things she is doing that pisses me off and I don't even want to help her out, because she likes to make me feel stupid when I am putting my two cents in. She moved to another town which is a college town and her boyfriend is going to college. She is doing his homework and she is the one working. So basically, she is supporting him. He did get a job at Pizza Hut as a delivery guy and started today. I did good though, I didn't say a word. But on here I can. They hardly have gas money to get where they need to be and he is going to drive his car all over the place trying to deliver pizza and live on

I want her to be the one in college. She is real smart but stupid all in the same breath. It kills me. She is okay with him getting a college education but doesn't even apply herself to do better.

Then this week she calls me in a panic because as she was going to her truck to get something or another there was a shoot out in the middle of the parking lot between a man and several cops. She was only about 30 feet from the man who got shot. My friggin heart about melted as she calls me screaming and crying. I am like..WTF?

Drama..I am not in the shape for this shit. I get tired of it.

So today she calls and tells me her neighbor is a panty thief and I am asking how she knows and she just snaps on me and I just hand my son his phone back and tell him to please go talk to her somewhere else. I am done. I hear her say, "What happened? She don't want to talk to me?" My son says, "You are hateful how you talk to her and she doesn't have time for that." I shut my door to my art room and I just feel like I am the one who is always rescuing her out of something or another and I get treated horribly.

I love her, but I do not like her. I don't like talking to her. I don't even want to visit her now. She knows everything so she can figure out her problems now. I just don't care the way I should.
I guess that's the way it goes, I guess.

Just frustrated.