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2014-09-12 20:50:48 (UTC)

Sexy List

"Team The Best Team" by Doomtree [I MIGHT BE GETTING INTO RAP]

"Marvin's Room" by Drake [I love this song so much, it's so depressing]

SEXY LIST (not in order of sexiness)

- me. So i usually find myself looking more like an old pickle, but I just looked in the mirror and DAMN. My lips are really pink and my eyes are nice, like they always are (the only constant in what I like about my face haha). Also, when I'm close to the mirror, my body is nice. So thanks, mirror. I only hate you when I'm at a distance and I can see that my nose is too big and so are my freakin' thighs.

- chapped lips. moist lips. Okay, fine, lips. Lips are really great. Ahhh. Lips.

- Eyes. Because eyes are everything. It doesn't matter what color they are, that isn't what makes your eyes beautiful. It is the shaping around it and the life you put into them.

-Hands. Hands are one of my favorite things. Warm hands, especially.

- Skin color. I really like paleness but I also really like it when someone is really tan, so I dunno. I tend to like striking stuff.

- Smiles, hell yes. Also laughs.

- Dimples!!! I have a huge thing for dimples and I don't know why. THEY'RE A BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE. They're a deformity but hey, a nice one. I hope I, as a person, am a nice deformity.??

- cuteness! Being cute. If you're cute, I'll squeeze you until you die.

Alright, well, on a less happy note, I forgot to mention something.

"But, Veronica, how in the fucking hell is that possible? YOU HAVE BOMBARDED CYBERSPACE WITH YOUR USELESS, DISCONNECTED RAMBLINGS."

Damn right I have! And I still managed to NOT mention something.

I walked to school with a girl, today. Let's call her Callie. Callie was in the psychiatric hospital with me. She's a year younger, but she's really nice. I kinda used to hate her because I thought she was annoying as fucking fuck, but now I like her.

I think I've changed.

But she showed me the scars on her wrist and told me she was still on medication. That made me sad. She said she learned to cut on her legs so people would stop calling her an attention whore.

People SUCK. She's super nice :( I'm only sorry that I was very boring. I was boring because I'm sick as fuck. Like, even now. I found out that the combination of Melatonin and extra strength pain killers (I had a terrible migraine) might've maybe gotten me 1000x sicker than I already was.

I hope not. I hope I was just sick 'cause that shit is bad for my body.

ANYWAY. Goodnight! I'm depressed but weirdly in a good mood.