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2014-09-11 07:19:01 (UTC)

Sad Dreams

I had a dream that made me feel super lonely. Thanks, unconscious thoughts. Thanks a lot.

Okay, I was in a car and earlier in the dream, I had cried. Now, I was laughing at something on tumblr. We got out of the car and I walked over to this desk where this kid from school was sitting (and I know this guy, but I don't feel like saying his "name" ok? ok).

He was all, "Why've you been crying?" but not in a sweet way, in a demanding way.

I said, "I haven't cried."

"Yes, you have. You're nose is pink."

"I cried but like an hour ago."

He snorted, "More like five minutes ago."

Then I went around asking other people if I had just been crying and thEY ALL AGREED. THEY ALL AGREED EVEN THOUGH I WASN'T CRYING. INJUSTICE!

I stormed back to the car all angrily and the kid came over and gave me a side hug and kissed the top of my head and it was cute. It was just cute. I can't describe how adorable it really was. I'm stupid *buries head in pillow*.

Stupid dreams, ughhh.

All right, well that's all, folks. I have a cough but my throat don't hurt naw more, so I's be okay.

Adios. *salutes you*

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