Experienced Life
2014-09-10 23:22:29 (UTC)

A little lost

Not going into details but things are a bit cloudy. My group that I hang out with hasn't been to appealing lately. They are my friends but some of the lustre is gone. Maybe I'm bored. I dunno. The group likes me (or at least they like my cooking). We have great conversations but I feel like I'm just going with the flow.

Work has been weird. Our team hasn't been doing well. Sorta like being in a lull. When that happens, time goes by very slowly at work.

The ex is doing her same drama but that's been the only thing that is constant. Weird huh? Shit, what the hell?

Also found out that I'm going to be paying 80 bucks a month more for medical. So much for Obamacare. Fuck!!! Les wine to drink.

Bought more fishing gear. Going to do a lot more fishing shortly. I'm also looking for a boat. don't know how to take care of one or even drive one but I gotta have one. Primary for fishing, then partying with friends. :)

Sorry for the lack of focus. Got a lot on my mind and I'm wondering around like a lunatic in a straight jacket. I'll get it together soon. Not today but soon. :)