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2014-09-10 17:05:19 (UTC)

As promised...

First of all i am sorry that i've been leaving early this week. The traffic has been terrible and i hate getting caught and sitting wasting time.

We had a really nice time last week. We spent 2 days in Ft. Lauderdale at a pretty decent hotel that included a full breakfast and a 2-hour open bar each evening! Needless to say we took advantage of both.

Our cruise was very relaxing, though admittedly the average age was probably around 70! At least there were virtually no kids so we got to enjoy the pool quite a bit. And the dinners were incredibly good!

We visited Costa Maya for the first time and Cozumel where we've been before. The weather was VERY humid but i guess that's to be expected.

Our plane was late leaving Ft. Lauderdale Saturday and when we got to Philadelphia we had to run to the connecting gate. As soon as we got onboard they closed the door and we departed and we both looked at each other and said "there's no way our luggage is on this plane" -- and we were right! :-(

But they did deliver it to us the next morning so we didn't need to go back to the airport.

i hope you've been doing well and i do miss our visits. I hope it works for us this weekend.