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2014-09-10 07:55:42 (UTC)

Let Go

Today, I have decided to let go.

It is not worth all the negative energy.

I have a full life ahead of mw with some big challenges, I should be facing that.

I will have no bitterness or anger (or hurt) from/by her and continue with my life and also wish her well.

I now need to prepare for the court case, get a handle on my finances and move on. I am on my own so I have to be dedicated and determined in my pursuit of success/excellence. I have so many faults which hopefully will come to light as I fall short of my targets. I hope to detect them early and improve on them to make me a better person. To do all this I need a peaceful mind without any resentment or negative energy. I let go.

I have revamped my life once again and I hope a stay in the straight and narrow road, respect others and be successful.