peko peko
2014-09-10 04:26:55 (UTC)

Back to campus

Dear Diary, I'm glad back to campus again. I can learn something new again, and meet my friends again. Even,I can graduate faster this way. I'll do my best. My goal this semester is to get cum-laude GPA, and pass Nouryokushiken Level 2.

I only live as a human being once, so that I decide to be a an extraordinary person, such as do everything bestest, be a good person, and do something that can other ppl happy from the bottom of their hearts. There are so many ppl around there acting like an angel blah blah blah, but they just need friends for benefit, and so ppl who like deceiving others show up that they're nice person, but they aren't.

I believe in you God. You'll give the bestest! Astungkara

Wish me luck!

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