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2014-09-08 11:54:03 (UTC)

Dealing with an unreasonable person

Spent whole of yesterday Sunday with the children. The mad woman scampered out of the house as early as 8am once she had my older son and I getting ready for his football. She now left me with 2 sleeping children. one of them still has the dressing of his operation that requires attention and changing. Anyway, I had to take the other 2 children with me for the football (we just made it on time). I had to cover the dressing as I noticed the inner cover of the dressing was already coming off. We had a good time all day. Cam home for lunch, went to play golf and had dinner at the golf centre. She eventually came home t 10 pm and woke me up to question me about the boy's dressing that I should have made her aware once the inner cover came off and that it shouldn't come off. How am I suppose to know that? If she was responsible enough and not driven by vendetta she would have tendered to the poor boy but because the previous day I said I was going to get home at 2pm and got home at 7pm she decided to behave like a childish unruly person that she is.

The consequences now is that we both had to take today off (Monday). She took the boy to the hospital and I am at home with the youngest who doesn't start school until Wednesday. If I were to behave like her I would have gone to work this morning and she would have been forced to take the younger one with her to the hospital but I just have to keep on looking at the bigger picture when dealing with this girl. I must avoid reacting to her stupidity and just focus on making things work at least until I move out.

We still now have the big dilemma of child care to sort out. Our agreement on child arrangement should have been signed by now. I will try and get it done ASAP (I need to pay the solicitors and that is what is causing the delay). All of a sudden we have to share child care and I have to pay the extra cost to get a nanny that cost more than the usual.

I need to focus on getting the child arrangement signed and preparing for the Financial settlement case.