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2014-09-05 11:49:31 (UTC)


Had a long talk with my brother in law. He has falling out with my wife (well ex wife). We spoke for a very long time and the most important things follow.

She was bugging me. The irony is that I had several reasons to bug her but I never did. I did tail her once when I suspected her of seeing her boss and that was when I knew she came out of his car at 1 am in the morning and she denied it. When I look back I am relieved the whole saga is nearly over. She is a pathological liar, she will lie until the cows come home. She will never admit anything. Some of her lies bound on the ridiculous. I feel stupid that I beard my soul to her and told her everything but in hindsight it is good as I have a very clean mind and not hiding anything. I have no iota of respect for her as a woman. I am glad I am out of that relationship. I have no regrets as life is full of phases. I just look forward to my next phase and will do my best.

Also he mentioned that 100% he knows that she wanted out of the marriage before any of the revelations about my infidelity came out. He is not the first person to say that. One or two people very close to us have more or less said that in the past. For some reason it had a very deep effect on me. I feel sad because she had that feeling of opting out of the relationship. I feel angry because she is a manipulative bitch. She is only using my actions as an excuse. It is clear she was emotionally attached to someone around that time. Constantly on the phone and always out from work on drinks and this Korean friend who suddenly surfaced and now she has gone away. I wish her all the best.

She is a nasty piece of work and I should just be relieved.

Now after her altercation with my niece, which she lied to police about, I could have told the police the truth as I had a recording of what happened but she would have been in big trouble. I know if the roles were reversed she would have sent me down. Now we are more or less agreed on child arrangement (out of court). I will have them every other weekend during school time and share them equally during holiday times. Now that we are looking for a new nanny (from today as the current one is leaving today) she wants me to take time off work next week to look after the children (well, share the child care duties with her). Why should I take time off work? When I wouldn’t get paid. She put in the divorce papers that my financial situation is so dire that she thinks it makes me violent (she can be unbelievable). I don’t think she has realised completely her situation as a single mother. As far as I am concerned the child care responsibility during school time is hers. Last year when we agreed on sharing the school run she marginalised me because of her agenda to prove to the court she is the primary carer. Now she wants me to take time off work and in the same message she is telling me to pay for the new spectacles for our son. How can I make this extra payments if I don’t work.,

Anyway, by the grace of God I will have the money to pay for my solicitors next week so that I can submit my court papers (already late). After the court case I will have to leave the house and start rebuilding my life.