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2014-09-03 11:45:45 (UTC)


Pressure pressure pressure

Everywhere there is pressure….

At work there is pressure. My job is not secure and there is always a constant risk of losing the job

There is the pressure associated with the marriage breakdown and going through the separation. We are about to go to court for financial separation matters.

There is financial pressure (the big one) it take a lot out of me

There is pressure form my business, not to lose momentum, to get funding, to remain enthusiastic, to provide the correct service and product

There is pressure at home (our nanny is quitting) we need to find a way to manage child care until we find a new nanny. When you compound that with our marriage problems and that both us go to work it requires some kind of collaboration and cooperation between both parties but the person I am dealing with is a law unto herself to put it mildly.