2014-02-02 04:38:31 (UTC)

Azure and Magenta

I didn't even care.

jealousy ruined me.
utterly, ruined me.
something like a mix of anger,
tearing me apart with flashbacks of

when they had their eyes closed,
a peaceful dance,
no one to judge them.
they killed me inside,
ended the love I had, I kept,
damned all to hell.

two. that's all it took,
out of everyone, just two.

broken is an understatement for how I felt,
earth itself just shook my own world.

lights, azure and magenta, dancing
on their faces, dashing
vividly across their conjoined lips,
ending the night, their possession, my

(when the poem meets more than the eye, 
just read between the solid lines. 
when you think you know what you've heard, 
read the first letter of every word.
follow instinct, your mind plays games.
perception itself is molded and tamed.)