always wth love

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2014-09-03 12:06:25 (UTC)

the faults & delays of life

the delay was that i was busy that didnt posted on here yesterday.
i wasnt youre fault that i was busy
it was because of college life, neither does that affect me.
lately i miss the a guy's touch i know its pathetic but what im yearnin for in so many months are flashin'
bout 2 weeks ago id gone to library and id a book that took to many places to explain. anyway id gotten that books of innocence and raw emotions of life & death.
this past weekend was unbearable to tell anyone but, lucky the fortune has been amazing to take in.
today is Wednesday so lying to myself its a good day, really not true
either im tried feeling like no one really understands.
so much to think bout life has moving faster than i can catchup to breath again.
so dam be sept has been the most sad part of life
so im dont wish,i need to be NOW
im 20 yrs old