story of my life
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2014-09-04 03:38:16 (UTC)

I am myself 1

its been More then one year since i stop writing you "MY DIARY". Yea, look like new tittle on, but we still in same story.

crap..crap..crap..crap.. i am suck.. my English suck.. everything suck..

the most awesome thing about love is you don't really need a language as a medium to understand it(love). Just feel the person emotions once.

At the beginning, i just wanna help you .. just wanna bring you out of the pain that you suffer inside. i knew that its really awful when i helping you, at the same time i am asking something in return. i am not asking your money,diamond,gold or anything. i just looking forward at my first love.

i am not shy, scare or whatever to face you. i am just not dare to ask your love. i don't know that am i a correct person for you. can i take care of you forever and whatever happen.