the lilfe of a very confused person
2001-10-10 17:59:29 (UTC)

first entry

well it is my first entry in this online diary thing and if you
are going to read this you have to understand that i
have a spelling problum. But anyways, i have been
home sick for two days and i have this really bad caugh,
but my mom is making me go to work even though i
dont wanna.my friends have told me about this thing
so i figured i would give it a try hopefullly i continue...

Well is it really impossible to get a girlfriend i mean am
i really that impossible.. there is this one girl that i like
but she has a boyfriend i really like her i mean we
clicked within the first 5 mins we met face to face i
mean we talk on the internet but ididnt know her that
well. i think she likes me atlewast iim pritty sure. i mean
when ever her boyfriend isnt around we hold hands and
stuff we go and walks and when ever we see each
other we really conect , i think that she is just afair of
what will happen .. i dont want to be come so good of
friends that we dsont have the possiblity of Just being
friend. i dont know what to do i really like her. and i
hope she feels the same way.
there is a nother girl who goes to school across the
street that made me really frustrated get this i was
talking to her onday and she told me to call back in 30
mins ... so i did and she was im doing a paper can i
call you back late.. so it was alte and she couldnt call
after nine .. so the next day i called her and her mom
picked up and said she could talk to boys anymore at
least for a while .... what the fuck is that i mean what the
FUCK i like talking to her because we have a lot in
common like cars and stuff ... she acctually like cars ..,
and she knows stuff about them.. its really hard to fiond
a girl that likes cars she likes football and sports .. what
a perfect girl.. anyways she is another girl that im
intersted in but if this phone thing keeps up i dont know
it has been like this for a while like a week and a half.
well im sure there is alot more i can talk about ........
PLease i would love to get input on my situation please