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2014-09-01 07:26:29 (UTC)

Ground Zero

This weekend I fell below the standard I have set for myself. If I want to achieve my objectives in life it is becoming increasingly clear I need to live a disciplined and cultured life. A life that is determined, planned and followed through. I can't do this haphazardly and without caution. I am at a very sensitive stage in my life and I could easily destroy my life with the wrong decisions and actions. I would not have and I do not have an unlimited opportunities to restart or rebuild my life. I fell vey short of my standard.

Today I am at ground zero. at the very bottom so it is up to me what I want to do. Do I want to rebuild my life along the ways that will lead me to glory? If it is yes then I should know it would not be easy. It take courage, planning, determination and most importantly actions (not just writing a diary).

I am extremely disappointed in myself but life always gives you a chance. A chance to rebuild, so today on the first day of September 2014 (I will remember this day) I start my journey of rebuilding my life to the glory I know I am capable of achieving.

Any criticism I get from my friends that I owe money I truly deserve. It is like a hook on my neck. I detest owing people money. I am drawing plan to pay off every single of my creditors so that by the end of the year I don't owe any private debts. It is a big headache.