A lady in the crowd
2014-08-30 16:41:00 (UTC)

Death Of Austin Ceja.

The new's I have received this morning left me in utter shock leaving me in a stage speechlessness. Austin Ceja and I were good friends. We agreed to go biking together and to eat lunch someday. However someday never came; I had quickly forgotten the plan.

Austin had serious attitude. He perceived saw himself as a bad boy. He had an average height of a sixteen year old teenager, and a husky body type. His hair was dark brown, and he had dark brown eyes.
He was deeply in love with the idea of fighting, and thought no one gave a damn what would happen to him. He was a young man who was too young to be touched by death.

It was yesterday on August 29th, 2014: a regular Friday in Calexico High School. Music blasted through the speakers, and most people walked quickly to eat lunch. An ambulance quickly flooded the entrance of the school campus. Time passed quickly and they had arrived too late. The heart rate monitor held no pulse, Austin Ceja passed away. My beloved friend shall be missed by many.

~Yours truly,