All Tangled Up
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2014-08-30 00:11:56 (UTC)

Hobby Lobby Addict

Titanium - Sia
Ugly - Jon Bon Jovi
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Dearest Sophia:

I had the best day! I woke up on time to get the boy to school. Then I found out I had $50 to spend so I decided to take a field trip to Hobby Lobby.

Before I go into my glorious day at Hobby Lobby. First off, I do not like to shop. HATE IT. Let me say it one more time... I (((H-A-T-E))) to shop. I will fake illness and unexplained pain in any body part I can think of. I will ignore phone calls because I will see my friend post on Facebook that she has to go grocery shopping and she will call and there is a slight possibility she might ask me to go. SO now you know...

HOWEVER! Mention Hobby Lobby and I will POP LOCK AND DROP right there in front of you and before you realize anything I am already standing at the car door. WUT!? Oh yeah, I fly! I will have already checked my HOBBY LOBBY app twice just to make sure its fully ready. Oh hell yes, I am getting my 40% off! And why ain't your ass not have this damn door unlocked and you better have yer keys! Oh hell ya!

Okay, I am sure you got it that I might hate shopping but I LOVE Hobby Lobby. This is why my day was the best. First off, no one complaining. I went alone and there was hardly anyone in the store, I think I made it during Senior Citizen discount or something, cause I was the youngest there. Second, I didn't have a time crunch, I had no where to be. Third, I got to go aisle to aisle looking at everything and changing my mind over and over what to buy with my fifty bucks.

I got to visit with the most informative staff on the floor ever! She knew all the answers to anything I could ask. She never stuttered, she already answered the question before I could ask it. Gina and I could be besties! I loved her, I wanted to tell her to grab her bag and come home with me...I have crafts!

Well Sophia, it is getting late and I need to glue a few things and I gotta hit it. Hubby home tomorrow 4 am early.
You know I am a night kind of girl. I sleep with the bats. So getting up on a Saturday before the sun...well it makes me crinkle my nose.

With much respect,