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2014-08-28 22:13:39 (UTC)

Found out what the Ex may have

So, I found out what the ex may or may not have. She says she may have Lupus. Not so fatal after all. I have friends that have it and they lead an almost normal life. They do get tired easier but otherwise, they look fine. So, this scare (or hope) from the ex isn't as bad. Not saying Lupus is nothing but it's far from being fatal. The ex stretched the truth once again.

I myself have been under the weather for two weeks now. Only today is when I finally got my energy back. Still a little congested but I'm pretty much functional. Friend already asked me if I'm up to going camping again this weekend. Dang, she sure doesn't let me rest.

I was hurting big time two weekends ago in Tahoe. We were camping and I caught the flu I guess. I was freezing at night, laid around all day and never even saw the lake the entire weekend. All I wanted was to gather enough energy for the drive home that Sunday.

I was able to do a night walk to the beach. Again, my good friend Heidi woke me up asking if I wanted to go on a night walk to the beach. Stupid me in a 1/2 awake state said yes. It was a nice walk though. The stars were really nice to see there. Very bright over the lake. I actually was able to see the Milky way. We never see it in the city but we were able to see it that night.

Tired as I was, I had to 1/2 drag my drunk friend Heidi back to camp. I paid the price the next day because I was hurting bad. Body ached all over and I was so drained of energy. My buddies all pitched in and cooked and fed me for a change. It was nice to be spoiled I'm the one usually cooking for everyone but not this time. That was pretty much the highlight of camp at camp Richardson. The rest was pain and misery. Barely got any sleep Friday because I was too cold. When I did sleep, I dreamed of being in pain.

Saturday, I was just pretty much a vegetable. Tried to sleep during the day as much as I could. Sunday, I gathered the energy to pack and make it back home on the two hour drive. I know it was only two hrs but it felt like eight when you're sick.

Then the same for the next week and 1/2. Feeling sorry for myself since no one could really take care of me. Alone in this house I just sucked it up. I was hungry one night but was too weak to drive so I just made what was in the pantry which wasn't really what I wanted. I wanted to make my own chicken soup but didn't have the energy to do it.

Today, I was finally about 90% back to normal. Sucks to be sick but at least my normal feelings are returning again (being horny). lol Funny I was so sick even sex wasn't on my mind. whew, great to feel somewhat like a man again :)

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