All Tangled Up
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2014-08-27 00:50:29 (UTC)

Don't Ever Do That Again!

Dearest Sophia:

So I smoke "stuff". Okay? Okay! So after I am good and "happy" lol. Gotta talk in "code" here. LOL Anyway, I get this phone call from my daughter. Now let me back up to this weekend. We moved her 90 minutes away with her boyfriend and things were FABULOUS! Then tonight, Katy decided to tell me that Brad (The BOYFRIEND) has declared now that he is going to school he will not be having S-E-X. He states that he needs to focus and that S-E-X is a distraction. LOL

Now knowing myself as I do and going by what she had to say about the BAN OF S-E-X is when I realized she and I are very alike. We love S-E-X and being told your not gonna get any is ... well complete agony. So here I am blitzed out of my head and she starts going in detail about things I REALLY don't want to know. But being blitz just makes it harder to change the subject because you are just shocked. I had a moment of OMG she is gonna leave him if he doesn't give in. LOL! OH HELL NO!

I JUST got my art room (her formally known domain) finished and even went and bought little totes to organize all my crap. I am thinking that all my stuff and effort is going to be shoved into a closet or a in the shed that eats things. It really does! I will loose my room. Grrr. So I start doing the "motherly" love thing and try to reason with her. I know this is serious because she announced that she was "on" the porch. Which means she is going to spill the beans and talk shit about him. I am not a big Brad fan so I am enjoying this. In the end I was proud of myself because I got her to think about what he is going through with all his new classes and blah blah blah...I did all this to save my room. LOL You might think I am joking...hell no, I worked hard to get an art room and I am gonna keep it as long as I can.

Yeah, yeah, I know. She is an adult and she needs to learn. Okay, that might be true but I won't deny her passage way if this doesn't work out, but I can keep encouraging her to get through the rough times and look at things on the lighter side. But I did all that to save my room for a little while longer! LOL

Also, I have been working on my art things. I have like 15 projects going on at different times. I go from one thing to the next while paint and glue is drying. I am a super multi-tasker. I have decided to make stationery cards to sell. I am really interested in what I am finding in Pinterest. I see me getting really involved with this. YAY

I was very happy that I found my old box of Scrapbook paper and all my stickers and cut-outs from a few years back. I had to climb in the shed that eats things. I swear it does. I put something up in there and the next thing you know the box or tote you added is gone or moved to the dreadful pile of boxes and totes and has some how made it to the bottom of the pile and you have to move every damn thing to get it. Story of my life!

Well Sophia, sleep well and pray that we get some rain.