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2014-08-26 21:00:51 (UTC)

Text from the EX

Well, I got a strange text from the ex again today. She texted me thanking me for all the things I did for her and the kiddos. I responded by telling her thank you for breaking my heart with the two affairs she had. I knew she was setting me up for something so I didn't let her. I unfortunately know all her games. Sigh.... Sad that I'm good at the shitty parts of life. Too bad I couldn't be good at something more positive with someone else. Anyway, I'm drifting from my story.

Several times I've said that the only good thing that can happen is if the ex died and I'd have the kids without any drama. Well, I got the text from the ex saying she has a disease that will eventually be fatal. Now this is coming from the ex so as far as reliable source, I'd give it 5 % chance of being truthful. However, if true, then it is what it is. I know my next question and the question my friends on this site will be thinking is if it's a sexually transmitted disease and if I had it right? I was thinking that. Wouldn't be surprised at all if it was. I mean, it's almost expected for me to have more shit piled on to my life. Before I could ask, she did send another text saying "it's not a sexually transmitted disease in case you're wondering".

She got me there. I went along and asked me what she had. She of course would play "ask a million questions" so I just told her I wasn't in the mood for her games. She should say what it is or just not tell me anything but I know that's how she rolls. Leaves communication hanging and all that stuff that destroys relationships. She'll never understand what she does and will never change.

I do know that she has life insurance. I'm sure she changed it and it's going to her parents or someone else other than me even though she says she kept her insurance in my name. Whatever, she wants a nice funeral or a cardboard box, it's all up to her.

That reminds me that I better change my life insurance. I have around 300K and it goes to her if I croak. I need to give 50K to my sis, 50K to my good close friend to make sure I don't get buried in a cardboard box and clean up my mess I leave behind. She can keep the rest. The other 200K I guess I can give it to the kiddos even though they aren't mine. I told my friend if I give it to her, that she give it to the kiddos when they are both of age. She already agreed.

Strange day. Of course, it could be the ex trying to get me back. She's been asking to come back and I've been pretty vocal about not wanting her back (I'm surprised since I'm not getting any. I thought my hornimones would get the best of me). Everytime the ex would say something nice, I'd reply with times she did all those things to me like the affairs, lies, and normal evil shit that she did. Eventually, she left me alone except for the text today.

I believe a human being can only hold so much evil before it gets them. No human person can do and/or commit such acts without losing a part of their soul every time. I know it took a chunk of my should out of me having to be on the receiving end of this but I know that doing what you do knowing it's evil must destroy your soul. Eventually, your body will follow what you permeate. Just a theory of mine but I know the soul leads and the body follows.

Maybe one day, I can just have the peace I've been seeking. Not sure if it's too late but I'm still alive so I have no choice but to take it one step at a time.