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2014-08-25 21:50:48 (UTC)

the kiss

He kissed me last night. Ch, that is. it was so exciting, ecstasy. i wasn't expecting it - we'd ended most of our nights with a hug, despite lingering looks over our beverages and legs resting on each other or just touching. it would turn me on - the leg resting that is. that kind of dull, background arousal. underwear damp without you noticing until you go to the bathroom. such has been our get togehers. don't know if id call them dates since we've never dicussed what it is we're actually doing. usually there's some kind of mutual knowoledge or idea as to what youre both doing, usually set by the environment in whcih ou met the person. if iyou met at night club for eg itd be obvious it was a date. but if you met at a mutual friends party and he asked for ur emaila ddress and you invited him out under the guise of having a chat about a career change and gettign some insight from him, then there's no blue print for that. so we've never said so what are we doing to each other. but