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2014-08-25 13:38:52 (UTC)

Lily's Myth

[This is the myth I wrote based off my friend, Lily. This was edited because her last name is in here and obviously, we gotta keep that private. This is not finished]

August, 25 2014 Monday 1:39 PM

The Cregatito

She is a rare creature, perhaps the rarest of them all. In fact, most believe her to be non-existent. The truth is, on planet Earth, there is only one of her kind. The Cregatito blends in perfectly with humans from afar, so it is not until you know her well that you realize she if far more special than initially thought.

We will begin with the history of Cregatitos name. The word “Cregatitos” was derived from two different words: [insert last name here] and gatito. Gatito means kitten in the current language Spanish. [Last name] is derived from the latin word creure which translates into this definition; “to believe”. Combined, Cregatito is understood as “kitten who believes.”

This kitten who believes gets her name from the way she behaves, as many creatures do. Although she is very human when it comes to most ways of processing thoughts, her instincts lead her to react like a cat. This includes curling up, nudging her head against people to get attention, and meowing often.

Some wonder; how did such a creature end up on this Earth? It goes back a long way. In this universe, there are less than one hundred existing Cregatitos. They are very endangered and this is because in order to be born, two parents of different species must join. We recognize that one of these parents must be what us Earthlings call a “wizard.” Many years ago, humans invaded a planet called [I don't know yet, sorry. Any ideas?]. Slowly, the native species - whose scientific name is Magicae Fugitivus,meaning magic fugitive - were driven from their planet. In the neighboring galaxy was another world called Vanim (translation: beauty), a cluster of moons and planets all heavily vegetated and densely populated. It is said that in Vanim, three intelligent species reigned hand-in-hand. It was a peaceful land.

The wizards traveled to Vanim and parted ways. A small group settled on a planet known as Ereb Morgil (translation: Lonely Sphere). They were welcomed by the dominant intelligence, Agarwaen (English translation: bloodstained, Engish-to-Latin: Haec Cruenta).

OKAY. That's all I have so far. After this, I'm gonna get into the history of those two species and how they appeared. Then, I'ma describe the Cregatito (pronounced Cree-Gat-EET-o. A variation of the pronunciation is Cree-GAY-shee-o) and how she arrived on planet Earth.

Some of the words are latin, some I put into an Elven translator, and others I took from a Tolkien (Sindarin) Elven dictionary.

Magicae Fugitivus - latin
Vanim - random Elven language
Ereb Morgil - random Elven language
Agarwaen - Sindarin
Haec Cruenta - latin

I'M SUCH A DORK. MYTHS ARE SO COOL AND SO FUN, THOUGH. Please excuse sucky writing. I didn't edit it, much, so it might sound weird. I'm the kinda writer who edits one thing a million times.

Alright, bye.