a step forward
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2014-08-24 17:57:51 (UTC)

move on

dear diary,
today i decided to tell truth to whom ever ask for it, we all have the right to know the truth certainly when we're involved, but the story ... is always 4 sided : my point of view, the other person involved's point of view, people's point of view and THE TRUTH itself.
today i got a call from a freind asking if i was okay, asking me what happened, before ansewering ... i felt like the whole world stopped, like i had the whole time for me and only me to think, if i tell the truth, or just let it go like nothing happened ... i already know the truth is going to be told someday, somehow maybe even by someone whom ignore their existance ... but i prefere that it's up tp me, and from that instant ... i was bowned to tell the truth.
after all what's done, there's no going back, from now on ... it's all about stepping forward. i need to turn the page, heck!!!! we all need to since we're all concerned, we must leave the past, if we're stuck there, we'll never live the present and move onto the future
to turn the page, ... the truth must be spoken.
this time i'm sure that i'm doing the right thing, not for someone ... but for me :) . it's time to move on.