a step forward
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2014-08-23 17:13:12 (UTC)

the right kindof wrong thing

maybe i was wrong about my ex
maybe .... and just maybe i exagerated
yes!!! he judjed me .... but then i judjed him too
he was so strict that i couldn't breath anymore
maybe that fact blinded me
i was once blinded by the so called love
now i'm blinded by regret
i regret being his girlfreind, but i dont regret being his ex
but am i doing the right choice? or is it just another mistake i made
i left him for my own sake,
for peace, freedom, liberty and my studies
am i being harsh on him? or is it what i was meant to do long ago?
maybe being alone isn't a bad idea as i thought,
because i'm already enjoying it
but then ... am i to blame?

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