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2014-08-23 18:08:08 (UTC)

still continue

''I left a new pair of sheets next to the bed and place them on please.''

That's the only sentence he heard from me when he finished his bath since the thing that happened a little while before.


He couldn't even look at me in the eyes. I didn't let him talk to me yet.

I took my clothes off and got into the bathroom. I opened the tap and the cold water run over my body. I held my head into my hands and started sobbing. Images from before were keep coming in my mind, the moans, the girl, the knife, the flames coming from her clothes and the sheets that I burned in the porch after she left. All this time I was keeping in my tears and now was the time to let go. Now that he wasn't watching. I didn't want him to see me like this, how awful did he make me feel? He doesn't even deserve to see me look so terrible. I wouldn't let him know I was weak.

When I was finally calmed down I put my pijamas on and went in our room while combing my hair. I found him sitting on a chair. He was staring the floor and as soon as I entered the room he gave me a 'sorry' look but he didn't say anything.

''I'm ready to listen now..''

I said when i sat on my side of the bed. He let out a sigh and started

''Please don't think for a minute that what I did, had a great significance for me. It was NOTHING! I feel nothing for that girl. All my love is yours.. But you've been a little off lately, you were so nervous and you kept breaking out on me like it was my fault. And..''

It all came back to me. He was right but that couldn't make up for what he did. I'll always remember that. I lower my head, let out a gigleand then I turned and looked straight into his eyes. He looked confused and with my calm voice I said

''You wanna know why I was acting so weird the past few weeks? I just found out myself..''

I looked down and then up again

''I went to the doctor today.. I'm pregnant..''

My voice cracked at my last word and let a tear stream down my face. It was all so clear now. He was quiet for at least ten seconds before he burst in tears too.

''Oh my God!! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry babyyy.. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!''

I opened my arms so he can come and hug me. I held him tight and rubbed his back while he was crying on my shoulder and I let a wisper in his ear

''I knoww my love.. I'm sorry too.. Shh.. It's ok.. Calm down noww..''

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