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2014-08-23 18:07:47 (UTC)

story continue

I got back home early today. I wasn't feeling well at work so I visited the doctor.

When I reached to the door I saw that it was crack opened. At first I thought there were thieves in our house but then I heard loud moans coming from inside. So l realized.. My mind went black and my head was about to spin like a rollercoaster but I held myself together. I pushed the door and headed to the kitchen as quiet as I could keeping the tears from falling out of my eyes. I grabbed the biggest kitchen knife we had. I left my bag on the table and went up the stairs to our room.

My heart was pumping like crazy, wondering how in the earth could he do this to me? After all that we've been through, that's how he repays me? So now what happened? All those questions we hitting on me so hard.. But I promised myself I would be incredibly calm, I wouldn't show weakness even for a minute. So I opened the door and she let a terrified scream as soon as she saw me holding the knife. He turned his face and I could see the regret in his eyes, but it was too late.. He's already made the mistake to cheat on me and I bet now he wishes he hadn't.

''Baby, let me explain before you do anything else..''

My first 'killing' look was on him. He was now standing naked in front of me trying to justify his actions, but I couldn't listen. Then I turned to her. She was covering herself with the bright white sheets we had paved on our bed. I took a big breath and get closer to the bed tearing off the sheets.

''You'll only take that and your car keys and LEAVE! The rest of your stuff I might consider sending them to you if you do as I say..''

My voice was steady and serious. She didn't speak, she just obayed.

''Don't even think of touching me before you take a bath and wash off her scent off you..''

He was surpriced seeing me so calm, he didn't expect that at all.

I left the room taking back the knife were his place was.