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2014-08-22 15:53:26 (UTC)


bohot kuch hua ....
many things happened drama u can say n more from sujju side my god he is a big fat liar. i happened to speak with his mother and she told me the truth that sujit has no tattoo, he owns no house, he is a lair but he loves me is the fact which she also said me. but every single word from start to end was a lie. his operation , his dying condition, his neha love, his tattoo, his assumption of being rich, his jail custody, abt his dad every every damn word was a lie. big fat lie. many arguments happened he denied he scolded yelled on his mom for saying me all this n i stopped talking to him... the he approached me but with no sharam n den again fight happened my mom said him u fooled my daughter which he felt bad... n den he smashed n broke everythings in his house mobile remote, dining table coz i wasn't talking with him den his mom called me n aked me to talk to him n bla bla blaaaaaaaa phewww then we spoke n he said sry for thgs n i live him n m blind in love partially not fully :p so i forgave him. but i said i will neva eva trust u in my whole life again... n u hav to proof urself then only i can b urs...
now we tyalk to each other nicely but somewer in my heart that itch is still there that m i wrong or right. well m not fool if he doent get settled..
sis is ideal at home n i reallt feel heart pinned for her i feel pain for her. i love her so much... i wnat her to get settle n happy in life god plz plz i beg u... bless my sis.
baki job sucks :p n nothing much over all not so happning life...

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