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2014-08-22 10:22:42 (UTC)

internal combustion engine

A heat engine is a device which transfoms the chemical energy of a fuel into thermal energy and uses this energy to produce mechanical work.Heat engines are classified into two broad types:
(a) External combustion engines, and
(b) Internal combustion engines.
In an external combustion engine the products of combustion of air and fuel transfer heat to a second fluid which is the working fluid of cycle,as in the case of a steam engine or a steam turbine plant where the heat of combustion is employed to generate steam which is used in a piston engine or a turbine.Another example of an external combustion engine is a closed cycle gas turbine plant in which heat of combution in an external furnace is transferred to gas, usually air,which is used in a gas turbine.Stirling engine is also an external combustion engine.