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2014-08-21 20:41:12 (UTC)

Tiring Day!

Dear Diary,

Here, I'm going to write again my story today. I woke up at the morning around 3:30 A.M. Then, I went back home, (Bekasi)together my parents by a car. I went back home to take my precious whitening soap!lol. Then, We went to Jakarta because my parent were going to work. But, traffic jam today was so so annoying! We stucked in the car. It was already 6:10A.M!!. We just needed to turn right. Unfortunately, today was not our day! A big container car were in front of our car so, we couldn't move at all.

Oh, FYI, my mom went back home to take my sister's school uniform. Okay! We had no choice, my mom, finally, got out from the car and then took public transportation to go to grandma's house. Because, my sister needed that uniform. Her school is a bit strict. She should arrive at school no more than 6:30 A.M.OMG! It reminded me when I was senior high too.

Okay, after mom left, I stucked in the car with my dad. Gosh! It was so damn slow. I mean, the car, finally could move at 7 o'clock! Phewh! Idk I should be happy or not at that time. lol

Dad told me than he couldn't go to the office together mom, because it's impossible to ride the car by passing that way. It's too damn traffic jam! Ugh! Then, I took my mom to the office by motorcycle.

At grandma's house, I took a rest for a while after taking mom to the office. Well, it didn't mean I took my mom till her office, I just took her in the usual bus stop.

I took care my grandma. I prepared breakfast and lunch for her. I bought terong at 'warteg'. She loves terong btw. She loves sweets too. OMG! DOesn't she realize that sweets dangerous for her? She's 78, and fat, but she always say "Es Degan" or "coconut's ice" today. Ugh! I didn't wanna be angered by her, so I said to her that the coconut's shop was closed! As an alternative, I made her orange syrop ice.

I made spaghetti too for myself and my sister too btw. I asked her first to buy coconut's ice lol. Everything went smooth, until my bro came! He was so annoying! He like teasing ppl. ==" I cleaned dishes, then my bro went somewhere after teasing me ==". Suddenly, I heard someone's scream! My sister called me out of loud, she told me that grandma cried ==". She wanted to pee, but none heard her saying, then she cried. ==" Maybe, she called me, but sorry grandma, I cleaning dishes I couldn't hear you clearly. Well, my sister should've take care right while I was cleaning dishes. She said she was doing homework, so that she ignored her for a while. WHAT THE??

Yeah, my sista is a bit annoying too. But, yeah she's better than my bro! She took grandma to toilet while wearing jacket!! She doesn't want to get touched by grandma. She's super idiotically hygienic gal! OMG!

After that, my bro came. He was surprised what's happening with grandma. I told him, that's usual for her because old woman tends to act out as child again, right? . He asked me why she's crying. Who the hell knows , right? I was cleaning dishes! He got annoyed then go.

I really hate someone who blames someone else with something that she/he doesn't do! Enough already!

Okay that's all my story today. Next time I'll write down more stories of mine too! Good Night diary ^^

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