All Tangled Up
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2014-08-19 14:13:42 (UTC)

She's My Person

Dearest Sophia:

Tomorrow Daisy (my friend of 34 years) and I are throwing a surprise Tea Party for Katy (my daughter) for a "moving away" party. It is going to be so much fun. We are dressing up in dresses, beads, and big hats. We have a homemade Strawberry cake, deviled eggs, ham sandwiches, artichoke spinach dip and crackers. We are going to play games and talk all proper. It's going to be lovely!

I am so sad that my daughter is moving 2 hours away, but I am also very excited too. I know when I leave her in her new apartment on Saturday that I will be bawling. I am not going to let her see me cry. I will hug her and turn away and get into Daisy's car until we leave. I am not one to stand around and cry. I already warned everyone how it is going to play out. My husband and son will be in our truck, I will be riding with Daisy and Hollywood (Daisy's )

Here are the rules. LOL

1. I will say, "Well, we better get on the road and head back home."
and they are all to hug her and tell her bye. I get the last hug because by the time I see her hug her dad and brother the tears are going to come. I will hug Brad first, tell him to take care of my daughter, call if you or she needs anything and then I remind him of the "talk" we had a week ago.

2. I will then hug her and tell her I love her and I will tell her to call me if she needs me. I will then turn around and walk to Daisy's car, won't look back.

3. Daisy will get in the car and she is to drive me away from the scene so I can have my melt down. I will smoke a joint and we will proceed home.

Yeah, I said it and I meant it. I know this all seems very dramatic and it is, but at least I have a plan. Why am I so dramatic? I just am when it comes to my kids, especially her. We do everything together and we have a special bond that I can't even explain. Yes, we get into fights and disagree, but she is "my person". Has been for a long time.

I know that we have to let our children go. I know this, so don't give me the "cut the em-biblical cord" speech. I also have a son and we have a bond too, it's a different kind of bond, but a bond in any case.

I have been sick on and off for the past 5 years and Katy has taken care of me when I couldn't take care of myself. She has been sick for the past year with cervical cancer and I have taken care of her. We share a lot of like things, crafts, painting, music and movies. So if you are thinking, "Oh she doesn't want to loose her nursemaid." that isn't it. I am loosing way more than a daughter, I am losing by best chick flick "I need a chocolate fix" "let's go to Wally World at Midnight" girl...those are the things we are about. Or sitting up till 5 in the morning painting together. Life is solo for me now. My husband and son don't do those things with me. I am gonna miss bad. Yes, she worked my nerves at times and I worked hers, but in the end..she was (as Meredith in Grey's Anatomy was to Christina Yang) my person.

I will miss seeing her everyday but you can count on text and phone calls, but it is totally different not getting to hug her or see her everyday. Thank God it's only 2 hours away. Thank GOD!

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