A lady in the crowd
2014-08-16 05:33:28 (UTC)

Lady Of The Night.

Anybody can watch a sunset. Seeing a day come to an end is simple.
Yet most people never take the opportunity to watch a sunrise. Never knowing the pleasure of watching a new day unravel before their eyes.

Tonight I miss the old times; better known as the rebellious times. Sneaking out of the house not just from the dull back door but through the second story window where I had to use a ladder to reach the ground. I was a ninja of the night who liked to jump fences.

I Explored new places or wandered off with friends. We'd dined out at restaurant's and took long walks through the cities parks. My favorite of them all was exploring abandoned buildings. Some had built in ladders that led to the roof, while others had to be climbed. I enjoyed discovering new views of Calexico. I admired the dozens of stars and the Moon's presence. I always tried to count the stars and pointed one finger towards the Milky way, Big Dipper, or Mercury.

I would leave at 10:00 pm, and I would come home at 6:50 am. Then, my grandmother would get home from work. I prepared my own coffee with two and a half cups of sugar. Boom! Like magic preformed by Chris Angel, I was prepared to go School.

My body adapted to stay awake during school hours. I'd complete my homework during my class, if not finish it during lunchtime. Little or no assignments were left by the time the bell had rung. I'd sleep the entire afternoon and successfully passed the semester with a 3.50 grade point average. My teachers rewarded me by choosing me for student of the month. Giving me certificates with my name written in a fancy font. I received honor roll and even the President's academic achievement award.

Sneaking off during the night became my double life. It meant creating and adapting a well organized plan so my grades drop. I deeply fell in love with the night, so I become known as the lady of the night.

~Yours truly,