All Tangled Up
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2014-08-16 00:10:42 (UTC)

Dearest Sophia

Dearest Sophia:

I never met you in person but many years ago when I moved into my house in Honolulu I found all your love letters from Jim. He always started his letters with "Dearest Sophia" and I never forgot how those letters made me feel. He truly loved you. I know he fought in Pearl Harbor and he died. Not sure how he died, but I know he did because of the letter his brother wrote you and you bundled it with all of Jim's letters. I did find yours and Jim's daughter, Leilani, and gave her all the letters her father wrote to you. I know that you got pregnant with Leilani before Jim went to fight the war and he was going to come home and marry you. But that never happened. Leilani showed me a picture of you and Jim which made the letters I read even more special. I am sorry you had to raise a daughter by yourself in a time that didn't accept that kind of living arrangements. Your daughter is a wonderful woman and I am glad I was able to reach her and give her the letters she had never seen.

So this diary will start with "Dearest Sophia" since a lot of people address their diaries to someone. Your story inspired me for so many years and I know you died in hopes to see your beloved Jim. I only wished I could of seen the letters you wrote to Jim as well. I can only imagine the love you expressed to him by the way he responded to your letters. Rest in peace.


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