A lady in the crowd
2014-08-15 22:45:06 (UTC)

Lies Are Long: Truth Is Short.

Everyone lies.
Whether it's a white lie or the types that lead to law-breaking fraud. Ask lawyer's and con artist they've mastered the concepts of becoming professional liars. Take precautions and remember, no matter how complex the situation is: Lies are long, and the truth is short.

Let's travel years back in time and remember when Casey Anthony was on the headlines of CNN. The police interviewed Antony, only to receive long descriptive stories that kept changing. Think about it, if you look carefully you'll see that her lies are nonsense.

"Did you cheat on Rosalie with Martha?"
"No I didn't. You know how much I love Rosalie. Martha is so dull and lifeless while Rosalie: she's amazing. You could even ask my sister where I was last night. We were watching movies together like 21 Jumpstreet and The Day The Earth Stood Still. We stayed up till dawn and ate Hot Pockets. Rosalie means the World to me and I would never cheat on my beautiful wife." Jesse said giving reassuring smile.

Yet, if you look at Jesse's answer carefully you'll see bullshit.
Martha is Jesse's best friend but he dissed her? No one questioned where he was last night, yet he gave a location and named the movies he watched. He had even bothered to describe his love for Rosalie.
Why? Because that is where liar's demonstrate their full potential. All Jesse had to say was, "No I didn't cheat on her."

~Yours truly,