A lady in the crowd
2014-08-15 05:27:10 (UTC)

ISIS Dilemma.

Each person lives their own microscopic life. Not bothering to take a brief look at the outside World. ISIS is slowly conquering land, consisting of engineers and abductions of innocent noble people. These noble people used to be just like you and me. They were busy with their insignificant life. Facing all sort's of conflicts financially, and health wise.

Suddenly life itself is turned upside out. The life they lived was destroyed before their very eyes. Soon the daily conflicts evolved into survival, murder, sacrifice, famine, and starvation.

"You want to belief in Christianity or do you want to live and work for ISIS?" A tall masked male asked pointing a SV-98 Russian sniper to a young Christian Woman. The gun pointed at the direction of her forehead. Death smiled gracefully, telling her this might be her last breath.

Her heart wanted death like a drug addict wanted crystal meth.
"What kind of life would you be living? Choose Christianity in the name of God. In this case you're not a coward; you're a hero who choose not to be part of this sinister treachery. A wise hero who choose to die in peace. Just say it, already! Say 'I choose Christianity."

Then her brain said otherwise, "Don't die like a coward. There are chances of survival! If almighty God was real do you think he would allow such a catastrophe to exist? Nonsense! Now your only chance to live is to join ISIS. Choose ISIS."

The mind thinks but the heart wants what it wants. Time passes in slow motion, time stood still in this brief moment. It was too late and the masked male pulled the trigger.
The woman's body slammed face down in full impact towards the concrete. Instantaneously a ocean of blood oozed out the remains of her brain. Tissue and guts spilled out of the many broken pieces of her skull. Her skin was completely torn away. A mixture of brain matter, guts, and blood surrounded the ground. The murderer stared at the woman in disgust.

"You took too long to answer." The masked man told the dead woman with impatience.

~Yours truly,