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2014-08-12 22:26:55 (UTC)

Happiness, what is that?

When I'm happy I have that feeling of joy in my stomach, I don't have any worries. I just take life as it comes. But when do I feel that, when am I happy? I can't even remember the last time I was happy. Everything just seem to worry me. I have so much to do, I don't have time to sleep enough and I have so much pressure on me. From my parents, my boss and now school will start in a week. HOW will I be able to make time for school, and it's high school which means that I need to get good grades to later get in to a good college. It's so much on my mind.

That's why I feel like just stop caring. Just don't give a fuck about anything. Will that make me happy? Not worrying, not caring. No. Probably not. I would disappoint so many people, including myself. I want to accomplish so much, and I feel like maybe when I have done all that I want to do I can be happy. But at the same time I realize that there will always be something new to accomplish. Will it ever end?

How do I get happy? I don't know. Does anyone really know? Maybe, maybe not. I'm trying to figure it all out but some help would be great. Don't know where to find it though. That's maybe why I'm writing it out so y'all can see it. To get help or help others by sharing what's going thru my head.

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