Confessions of a married woman
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2014-08-10 09:07:41 (UTC)

Holy sex machine!!!!

Has your body ever felt like you got hit by a truck the next day after having amazing sex for over 10 hours? ? That was me Saturday. Man i was in all soreness, but i remembered why and it made me happy and it made me smile. What an amazing lover J is. We met up on Friday afternoon, we had one round, he went to work in my area, and snce he was going to come out late i invited him to sleep over so he didn't have to drive all the way home. He got out of work at around 1 and got to my house like at 130. We watched part of a movie, had some wine. Couldnt keep out hands off each other....had some.more wine....before we knew it we were in our second bottle of wine. I was so drunk by then, and so was he...but it made sex so much more fun. We fucked everywhere in my house. ..started in the living room, gym room, kitchen, my bedroom, restroom, doorway,....and then he suggested we fuck outside...i was paranoid, but we did we fucked on the side of the house. I kept sucking and licking his delicious and beautiful cock. felt so good inside my mouth and inside my pussy. I couldn't get enough of him. I dont know what time we ended knocking out, but I'm assuming at around 6 am....we woke up at 8 am...and kept going at it, fuck he's hot!!!! He is the best fuck I've ever had. He can last for hours. I didnt know I was capble of that kind of resistance. I have never done that. I thought I was sexually dysfunctional. I had spoke to my doc about my libdo. It hasnt been there in a long ass time!!! When I used to have sex w my soon to be ex, i dreaded it so much. I didnt get wet, it hurt to have sex, to the point that I didnt want it. Now I crave J. I crave his cock...a lot. And I cant wait to be with him again. Even though i know this is just a fwb relationship, i kinda like to kiss when fucking, he doesnt like to. I guess that might make him emotionally involved?? Hmmm dont know. I know by my stalker reasons....that he just gpt out of a relationship (don't easy to get info online now a days), so I hear need to jump the gun, as for myself, I'm not even divorced yet so I don't need a relationship either, just lot and lots of sex...and hopefully only w J for a while! He is amazing, his cock is so huge....esp when I turn him on....mmmmm thnking about him makes my mouth water. Today I'm a lil more recovered, but still have some soreness.....esp in my back....then again i did a lot of bending over. On Saturday morning he wanted to do it outside again...i refused bcuz maybe someone could see us...he kept insisting...and we finally did. What a rush. Felt good. So deep. Love fucking him.

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