peko peko
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2014-08-11 22:53:11 (UTC)

What's done is done, Let's forget everything

Dear diary,

Finally, I have a chance to write down here. I was so gloomy, moody, etc. I planned to stay away from my genk at univ, and my penpal. Deep inside, I felt broken-hearted. So painful! I thought that my friends are not real friends anymore. They're after me because of something, nothing less. And my penpal, well, actually he didn't something wrong at me, it's just me who has high hopes of thinking that he has mutual love like me.

But, after I cooled my head and heart down, I can move on my life anymore. I don't need to be so mad at anybody. What I need is to forgive them and myself. That way, I feel so peaceful now.

何があっても、笑顔でね!Whatever happens, keep smiling! ^__________^